Information about company

The Belgrade software firm WebSoft has been operating ever since 1994. In the beginning the firm was called “InfoSava” but it's name has been changed recently so as to reflect its main activity: development of highly specialized Internet and intranet applications.

From their foundation up to now, WebSoft have realized numerous software projects, independently or in cooperation with other companies.
There are certain sensitive projects that we build in cooperation with our partner companies, meaning that our team is additionally reinforced by their specialists for certain areas and application types, on as needed basis.

The list of available developers are attached below.

Offshore outsourcing experience and references:

·         SIAT - Software Interface Automatic Translator
Websoft developed SIAT for French company GlobaWare. SIAT is a highly advanced tool which provides instant user interface localization in run-time, leaving translated applications unchanged. Visit GlobaWare International website for more details (SIAT clients tab):

·         Software for public procurement ( www.propisi.net )
Java web applications for daily updates large database of public procurements with the advanced search options, mail service…
Please, use demo/demo for login

·         www.TopChess.com
TopChess.com offers you to challenge Top GMs and win cash prizes by playing Blitz tournaments. Members can watch top live games between the world's leading players and enjoy their play with the protection of our Gentleman's Rules (unique set of rules which represent modified FIDE rules for the group of 26 draw endgames). TopChess.com members can only play under their real name while our pro-active, ultra-advanced system detects computer-generated moves.

·         Employee Engagement Survey (EES)
EES is a corporate Web application developed for international company DHL. It provides means for conducting centralized surveys for multinational companies. Reports are automatically generated and employees all around the world access interface in their own language.

·         ESSE Dictionary
ESSE dictionary is sophisticated software dictionary based on materials provided by the Institute for Foreign Languages. It is also available on the Web.

·         Traffic counter on the roads of Republic of Serbia
Interactive CD that enables the fast and simple searching and viewing of approximately 600 tables and maps containing more than 1 000 000 data. Ordered by: Institut za ispitivanje materijala - Centar za puteve.


If you need you can always contact us on office@websoft.rs